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Steps to obtain your Wyoming Real Estate License

Our courses prepare you to take the Real Estate Exam 

STEP 1. Pre-register for educational courses. Register on-line or call 1-307-674-6652. You will need Course I, WY Law, and Course II to obtain your real estate license, these classes are offered in our ten day course.

  • Pre-license Salesman Course I (Exam preparation - required to obtain real estate license)
  • Salesman Course II (Practical application - required to obtain real estate license)
  • Pre-license Broker Course I (Exam preparation - required to obtain real estate broker license)
  • Broker Course II (Practical application - required to obtain real estate broker license)
  • Wyoming Law (only)(Review of license law and Real Estate Commission rules and regulations) NOTE: Wyoming Law is included with Salesman Course 1

STEP 2: The real estate exam testing company is Pearson Vue, download the CANDIDATE'S HANDBOOK from their web-site: This handbook contains important Exam information that you need to register for the exam. It is CRITICAL that you register in advance for the exam before classes start, we recommend you have the exam scheduled for 1-2 days after classes close. Schedule your exam on their web site: Exams are given in various locations, and on-line. Visit their website to see locations as they do change.  

STEP 3: Obtain Rules and Regulations and Statutes from the Wyoming Real Estate Commission via their web site:   While on their website, click on "Real Estate" then down to "Legal", Rules and Regulations and Statutes will be there, click on the links and follow the directions to obtain them.  These are essential for preparing for the exam.  You will need these in class.

STEP 4: Real Estate License Application. You can obtain this from the Wyoming Real Estate Commission's web site: or call them at 307-777-7141.



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